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history study guide - Civil War(1861-1865 Why might the...

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Civil War (1861-1865) Why might the civil war be considered a total war -INvolved all rescources, citizens, materials of both sides Define free labor ideology and it's contribution to the conflicy between north and south - GOP bfore civil war, free open society, work hard, independent members of society, go from wage labor to owning business, opposed to slavery and plantations of the south, paired with lincoln Reconstuction (1865-1877) chpt 15 describe the visions of freedom former slaves and slave holders pursued in the south immediately following the civil war blacks vision- shaped from things they have heard and seen of freedom, meant escaping slavery, holding mass meetings and attending church was part of their visons. Slave owners on the other hand had to deal with rebuiling the south without any free labor. explain the sources and significance of radical reconstruction .. radical reconstruction was northern takeover of the south. imposed laws on the south. describe social and political impacts of radical reconstruction especially changes to labor and citizenship. progression of African Americans. radical reconstruction was imposed by congress on the south. it put into place laws that protected African Americans such as 14th and 15th amendments. African Americans began to hold numerous elected offices in the south. explain the primary reason for why radical rreconstruction was defeated in the south
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history study guide - Civil War(1861-1865 Why might the...

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