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bMatt Marquardt Tyler, Margit Hayes 2:00 PM Speaking Date Feb 25 LOOKING BEHIND THE HEADLINES Specific Purpose: To persuade people to look past the conglomerated media headlines and to actually put forth some effort into keeping up on current events rather than expecting the news media to tell them what to think. Central Idea: Main stream news media contains mostly romanticized current events and exaggerated news stories and as the youth of America we should try and find more reliable sources for news rather than just prime time on CNN or FOX. Introduction I. (Attention Getter) American news media, think about the connotations you have for those words. Most people when they hear these words they think of reliable, trustworthy and objective much like the slogan every news station plays when it goes on the air. The problem is too many people in America take most of what corporate news channels report for face value. II. (Audience Adaptation) Students like us through the ages have always been challenging what they have been told by the media. Students in the 60's stood up against the propaganda being produced during Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. As recently as the first gulf war students just like us gathered in red square to stand up for our rights and to say we are tired of the half truth being put out by the news. III. (Purpose) Yet for some reason our generation seems to be lacking energy. We stop playing video games or partying for maybe a half hour each week and watch CNN and call ourselves informed. I'm here to convince you that in order to be informed you must read past the headlines and get to the truth. IV. (Preview) Today I will discuss three reasons to look past the basic media headlines A. First I am going to explain the motivation behind news media. B. Second I will discuss alternate means of keeping up on current events. C.
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the media2 - bMatt Marquardt Tyler, Margit Hayes 2:00 PM...

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