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between the lines - Matt Marquardt Hist 104 4:00 PM Prof...

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Matt Marquardt Hist 104 4:00 PM Prof Jones Analytical Assignment #2 Between the Lines Essay Primary source documents are the bread and butter of historians today. Without primary source documents there would be no history, merely a string of assumptions. The book Between the Lines contains multiple letters to and from illegal Latino immigrants in America. Each letter is more than just correspondence, they explain first hand the thoughts and feelings about events occurring at the time from the perspective of illegal aliens. They are all unique as a result of the variety of circumstances facing each author. The very first letter in the book is by Lety Gonzales. She wrote her family of the difficult journey she had to complete in order to get into America. Gonzales explains that the reason she decided to make the difficult journey to the U.S was because her "son was counting on [her]." this is very similar to most of the other letters in the book. Most of the authors decided to go to America in order to make more money for their families rather than going there for themselves. Even though Lety endures so much hardship and exhaustion from her journey she still stays optimistic. This is because of her firm belief in God. She explains how she is blessed because she "would be flying on the plane that transported Pope John Paul II" Her faith keeps her spirits up because she feels that God is going to help see her through these hard times. She makes reference to God multiple
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between the lines - Matt Marquardt Hist 104 4:00 PM Prof...

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