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Matt Marquardt Margit/Tyler Prof Hayes 2:00 PM Speaker Critique “Post-Genocide Rwanda: A resilient society” Lama Mugambo Communicative Situation : When I entered the room I was excited because the room was about the size of a classroom. Then as people started to funnel in I realized that this would actually be a con rather than a pro. The room was packed, we actually had to steel some chairs from another room. Also as a result of all the people in the room the heat simulated that of Rwanda. As a result of the intense heat we had to leave the door open to the hallway, which was very disruptive because of students going to and from class. The acoustics of the room worked out well because we were all very close to the speaker. Even though he spoke very softly I was able to understand every word he said. Also the room was equipped with a projector, which was used for a short documentary that was played at the beginning of the presentation. The projector was also used for the speakers power point presentation. Speaker
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