Migrant Women Workers

Migrant Women Workers - Migrant Women essay Looking at the...

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Migrant Women essay Looking at the working world, it is visible that women statuses have changed in both an optimistic and pessimistic way both giving women more job opportunities but at the same time the treatment of these women have not improved. What most people have ceased to realize are that migrant women who work diligently everyday aren’t given adequate credit. Barbara Ehrenreich and Pei-Chia Lan addresses these issues in their articles, one expanding on the idea of the U.S’s need for these migrant women to do the housework and the other, tackling the issue on women who want to go out and work but are unable to because they must keep to their tradition of being a house wife. Both these articles come from two different directions yet together they make a stronger point in showing us that even though migrant women’s roles have advanced, the migrant women are still treated poorly, and are still pushed to sacrifice a great deal and to great ends just so they are able to support their families back home. As generations progress it is visible that many women are becoming more and achieving greater depths that they would have centuries ago. The roles of women have evolved from being a house wife to becoming an accountant or even a business owner. Women have slowly taken control of their own lives and have come out of the dark, becoming less dependent on men when it comes to financial support. Slowly it is perceptible that more and more women are going out and challenging themselves in the working field instead of taking the easy way out and staying at home while the men makes all the money. Women are beginning to take a stand and showing men that they can really do anything men can do, physically and mentally. According to Barbara Ehrenreich (2004) “Thanks to the process we loosely call ‘globalization,’ women are on the move as never before in history… in the absence of help from male partners, many women have succeeded in tough ‘male world’ careers…” (p. 153) Many women are going out and taking on 1
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jobs that were once forbidden to women showing that they are just as capable as men. Nowadays women are going out and working jobs that many women in the past would not work
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Migrant Women Workers - Migrant Women essay Looking at the...

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