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crossing over final draft - Crossing Over essay We declare...

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Crossing Over essay We declare that as a nation we are accepting to other cultures and other ethnicities but as we look at the bigger picture it becomes clear that it is just a claim. Cultural differences between American and Mexican families have regularly separated both these societies, which in the end cause many issues to come up. As Americans we have separated ourselves from the migrant workers, refused to see that our goals as human beings are similar, and we continue to discriminate and label them as criminals because they illegally breach our border. The United States needs to have an understanding that the Mexican immigrants are striving to survive and to help those back at home, just as our working class families do. Because the United States places borders between itself and Mexico, other cultures feel a sense of being shut out as well. We close off ourselves from others, Martinez (2001) says that “this myth is invoked much like the American ‘melting pot’ (into which only white ingredients have been poured, leaving blacks, Latinos, and Asians our).” (p. 65) when the melting pot was established we took pride in claiming to be accepting but in reality what we don’t see is that we don’t include other cultures of colors. This nation has been established as a melting pot because of the vast immigration that is taking place but we haven’t been able to live to its meaning by attempting to close off the migrants that are crossing over. If United States was this so called “melting pot” there wouldn’t be so many people discriminating and attempting to prevent the migrant worker from crossing over the border. Americans have contradicted themselves by creating an actual border which separates two cultures when they speak of themselves as accepting to different ethnicities. Martinez tries to show how Americans exclude the 1
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migrant worker because of how different their culture is from theirs in America. Being
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crossing over final draft - Crossing Over essay We declare...

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