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Chapter 5 Book Notes Prescriptive Views of Culture 1) the metaphor of culture clearly resonates with academics and practitioners 2) the cultural metaphor opened up new and fruitful areas of research – business success can be enhanced through the development of strong culture 1) Values beliefs and visions that members hold for an organization 2) Heroes individuals who come to exemplify an organization’s values; known through stories and myths 3) Rites and rituals ceremonies through which an organization celebrates its values; values innovation may develop a ritualistic way of rewarding the new ideas of employees 4) cultural network cultural values are instituted and reinforced; consist of formal organizational channels and the informal organizational channels Peters and Waterman’s “Excellent Cultures” provide prescriptions for managerial practice rather than descriptions or explanations of organizational life Fall short b/c: 1) naïve to assume that there is a single cultural “formula” for achieving organizational success & 2) prescriptive approaches treat culture as a “thing”
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Chapter 5 Book Notes - Chapter 5 Book Notes Prescriptive...

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