Chapter 10 Book Notes - Chapter 10 Org. Comm. Notes...

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Chapter 10 Org. Comm. Notes Reactions to Organizational Change are critical to organizational and individual outcomes – 1. management support of the change process is critical; senior management has the most impact on change and when they are not behind the effort, it is unlikely that change will be successful. 2. Owernship tension is inherent – successful implementation of change efforts is contingent on ownership of the change process by those in critical positions in the organization a. Resistance could be seen as the “ownership” issue translated to lower level employees preventing implementation; also includes ignorance of change initative, inadequate training, or fear 3. Uncertainty – uncertainity about org. processes can result in stress on the part of employees, especially during times of change; any information is better than no information Communication in the change process: Change agents communicate first and most frequently with individuals inside or close to the organization
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Chapter 10 Book Notes - Chapter 10 Org. Comm. Notes...

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