ch9 - Jase Zappel Comm103 Notes Chapter 9 The key to making...

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Jase Zappel Comm103 Notes Chapter 9 The key to making decisions in small groups is communicattion Small group classifications: Must be made up of 3 or more people Every group membver must have the perception of being in this particular group Each group member’s behaviors and goals must be interdependent with its larger context There must be communication between group members Small group- three or more people who perceive themselves to be a group, who are interdependent, and who communicate with one another A distinction between large and small groups is that in small groups, you should know everyone in the group (at least that they are in fact in it). If every member does not recognize every other membe,r it is a large group. Interdependence- two elements are related to and mutually affect one another Small group interdependence occurs in 3 ways: Goal interdependence- sharing goals Behavioral interdependence- an individual’s messages affect and are affected by other people’s messages Context interdependence- group’s environments affects and is affected by a group’s actions Problem- a gap between an ideal state and current state of events Problem solving- a group process in which members assess problems and formulae solutions to resolve problems Force field analysis- process for analyzing the reasons for a problems as well as what is preventing the problem from being eliminated Questions for a FFA: What is causing the problem? o Drivers- sources of the problem What is preventing the resolution or management of the problem? o Restraining forces- forces tha prevent the resolution of the problem o Must find a way to remove the restraining forces to close the problem gap Decision- a selection among alternative explanations or proposals
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ch9 - Jase Zappel Comm103 Notes Chapter 9 The key to making...

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