post3 - racial profiling- any police initiated action based...

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Chapter 2 Ethnocentrism- assuming that ones culture is superior to others Hate crime- criminal offense committed because of the offender’s bias against a race, religion, ethnic group or orientation group Prejudice- negative attitude toward an entire category of people Ethnopbhaulisms- ethnic slurs- nicknames given to particular groups **prejudice is a belief or attitude, disrimination is an action discrimination- involves behavior that excludes all members of a group from opportunities scapegoating theory- person or group blamed for another persons or groups problems authoritarian personality- psychological construct of a personality type likely to be prejudced exploitation theory- a Marxist theory that views racial subordination in the US as a manifestation of the class system inherent in capitalism normative approach- take the view that prejudice is influenced by societal norms and situations that encourage or discourage the tolerance of minorities
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Unformatted text preview: racial profiling- any police initiated action based on race, ethnicity or national origin rather than the persons behavior social distance- tendency to approach or withdraw from a racial scale bogardus scale- technique to measure social disance toward different racial and ethnic groups equal contact hypothesis- an interactionist perspective stating that intergroup contact between people of equal status in noncompetitive circumstances will reduce prejudice chapter 3 relative deprivation- conscious experience of a negative discrepancy b/w legitimate expectations and present actualities absolute deprivation- minimum level of subsistence below which families or individuals should not be expected to exist total discrimination- combination of current discrimination with past discrimination created by poor schools and menial jobs informal economy (underground economy)- money not reported to government...
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post3 - racial profiling- any police initiated action based...

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