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Black Studies 1 Lipsitz 10/25/07 The Blues, contd. Lecture Mean all expressive culture art, music, dance, speech, slang Express themselves through culture means Called community in through church groups at night, singing and dancing Religion and blues are connected Logic of writing a paper encourages you to group things together Each have African retention and new world invention, etc Constantly a place where decisions have to be made Didn’t emerge dependent upon only one stairsteps All five stairsteps are in dialogue to one another All connected to break, to bring about freedom, to change the world, do something that is impossible if only follow one path Ultimate break was abolition democracy, freed themselves and changed country through 13 th 14 th and 15 th amendments Survival subsistence resistance and affirmation Most musicologists starts in 1890’s – blues In period of abolition democracy is when blues started (1865 – 1877) Emancipation 200,000 join union army, tips balance of power in civil war, bullet becomes a form of freedom All of the free schools, etc are possible because there are soldiers willing to fight for their rights Blacks wear blue uniforms and they are called the blues When soldiers get withdrawn from the south Jim Crow, sharecropping, plantations come back When the blues the soldiers left the blues the music showed up Bullet and blues and ballot and blues are related Poor whites will keep up plantation bloc in return for knowing there is someone below them 1890 Mississippi Constitution – in order to vote have to pay poll tax, property tax,
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