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OBM questions - Ongkas Big Moka study guide name Kimberly Rauch_UCSBanth2F07 What is/are the criteria of social status in the US Money wealth

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Unformatted text preview: Ongkas Big Moka study guide name: Kimberly Rauch __UCSBanth2F07 What is/are the criteria of social status in the US? Money, wealth, success What is/are the criteria of social status amongst the Kawelka? Money, job, out do others with size of gift, have pigs for whatever you want to do. Give pigs away in a public show. Extra pigs = extra prestige, moka giving away of resources How are the two the same? How are they different? Both use something large to gain status (pigs = money), both attempt to attain prestige and establish position. They are different because the Kawelka use gifts (pigs) of great size to gain social status. What pattern of subsistence do the Kawelka practice? Small tribe, polygyny (4 wives and 9 children), raise pigs. Food, materials for house, traditional garments are made from forest. Eat pig on special occasions. Horticulture, raising sweet potatoesgarments are made from forest....
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