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Unformatted text preview: Black Studies Lipsitz 10/18/07 • Social policies decided by rational argument then things wouldn’t be so bad • Something deeper then self interest, emotional and visceral content • White supremacy is so unyielding, King is very unpopular • Too involved in the way of the world • Young people and militants, see King as someone who’s teachings has lead to beatings and deaths • King cant count on anyone but increasing comes to count upon blacks in which he maintains face • Enact a world transcending citizenship • At crossroads between life and death, King makes a break and uses epistemology to think differently • King we know in politics and school and the King we see in his books • Right looks wrong and wrong looks right – exactly what EOC is all about • Demand was for blacks to shop in stores, couldn’t try clothes on in clothing store, had to get food from back • Treated like shoppers, give money to merchants – on Freedom St. • Barber takes hose on demonstrators • People throw fishing lines into crowd and rip skin of demonstrators off with hooks • Freedom is a street in greenwood Liberty is a town in Louisiana Justice is talked about in Washington • Not telling which path to take but which path to make • Making people act, take action can’t just announce yourself opposed to bad conditions • At the crossroads never takes the path of least resistance, nothing is every done the easy way • Nonconformity is good but too much nonconformity is bad • Charity is good but charity can also hurt you(to feel big) • Communism tributes too much to man and not enough to god, communists win b/...
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