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Soc 152A Baldwin 3/31/08 4 parts to the course: 1. anatomy and physiology 2. psychology 3. birth control and abortion 4. sociology Tests multiple choice 4 or 5 essay questions Fill in the blank Sex – a complex mix of mental, physical and emotional components The birds and the bees is all you need to know Clas – has study preps with real questions Anatomy - Female Vulva – outside parts covered by pubic hair Mons – fatty tissue above pubic bone Labia majora – closed, can open to expose Labia minora – change in size and color during stimulation
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Unformatted text preview: • Clitoris – where labia come together at the top • Clitoral shaft – can feel it, it is under the skin • Glans clitoris – outside, most sensitive erogenous zone • Clitoral hood – covers glans, during orgasm it completely covers • Introitus – vaginal opening, isn’t open until sexually aroused • Hymen – thin membrane that partially covers vaginal opening • Annular hymen = hole • Septate hymen = thin line over a hole • Cribriform hymen = holes in hymen • Torn hymen...
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