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Philosophy 20A: Second Paper Topic Directions: Write on one of the following topics. There is no need to cite any sources other than the selections from Parmenides, Zeno, or Plato. All citations must be from your textbook (Kolak and Thomson). The form of citation should be that used in lecture. You may use the versions of arguments presented in lecture, but be sure to cite them if you do so. The paper should be four to five pages in length (950 – 1250 words). Presuppose of the reader of your paper as little background information as is practical, i.e., write as if you were explaining the material to someone not familiar with it. For example, explain all philosophical terms that you use. The paper is due in class on November 19. The late penalty will be one-third of a letter grade per day. E-mailed papers will not be accepted. 1. According to the interpretation presented in class, the Eleatic philosophers
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Unformatted text preview: defend radical monism. Assess this metaphysical position by explaining and evaluating: Parmenides’ arguments for the claims that what exists is one, indivisible, and eternal; and Zeno’s arguments for the impossibility of motion. 2. According to the interpretation presented in class, Socrates/Plato argues that a theistic account of the source of normative properties (specifically piety, but by extension moral rightness) is incompatible with moral agency. Assess this position by explaining the Euthyphro dilemma, its consequences for moral agency, and its consequences for a theistic account of the source of rightness. 3. Explain and evaluate Plato’s argument, in the Phaedo , for the immortality of the soul; and explain how this argument is supposed to support the theory of learning developed in the Meno ....
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