french.0416 - 4/16/08 French 50CX Doesn't have real or...

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4/16/08 French 50CX Doesn’t have real or strong self to be centered upon Thesis: Adolphe learns from his father that feelings are never expressed, most original about ones self never get translated into outer world. Having accepted this lesson, only observer of feelings, in fact you might say the well of feelings drys up in him and he is only the observer, only self consciousness Not one for genuine Pg 39 = what he learned from his mother No way you can be yourself among others, you must stifle it, kill it Pg 41 – as Adolphe makes his way into society Language has life of its own Talk and not say anything, not confide anything Language is an obstacle Language makes inner thought communicable The means of communication, medium is all powerful, rules over everyone Feels language to be a burden, language speaks in spite of us Spend all your waking life self consciously aware that who you are isn’t translated into what you are saying Who you are can’t be translated for others Drawing someway into your own individuality Shaped and molded by others We talk about ourselves through language He is using a language that is social and public in order to understand himself He is being defined by others and by language (which is public property) Don’t have an original language, we speak English just as everyone else does It gives us the means to articulate yourself to others
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french.0416 - 4/16/08 French 50CX Doesn't have real or...

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