Midterms 1 and 2 summary

Midterms 1 and 2 summary - Summary of Main Topics Cultural...

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Summary of Main Topics Cultural Relativism Process of seeking to understand a society and judge them by standards of their OWN culture Key to greater understanding Two ways in which cultural anthropologist control in their research (way of thinking, without an ethnocentric attitude? How did Rosaldo come to fully understand the people? Seek it through a holistic approach Systematic research – solution to the three uglies Understand ethnographer has a background Control for personal perspective Personal perspective explicit, systemizing research process and investigating all avenues Knowing how it feels to lose someone close to you Anthropology Approximates Science Rigorous systematic analysis – not in a laboratory, going out in to the field Intense internal review – by fellow scholars, results brought back and evaluated by others Cumulative development – research all possible avenues, using other peoples research on the topic Boas Ethnographic fieldwork Foster careers of mead, etc Modern definition of the word culture Malinowski Idea of going and staying with group for an extended period of time Enculturation The process by which we learn about our culture through birth, powerfully resilient patterns of behavior Bourdieu “goes with out saying because it comes without saying.” Not up for debate or discussion, taken as a fact. Internalization Naturalization Conscious acting beings, successful reproduction of cultural patterns = convincing its adherents that it is the one true path. Taught what is write and when someone does something different we have a reaction Cannot have naturalization without enculturation Subjects of Culture Anthropology Learned Symbolic Shared Dynamic
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All encompassing Integrated Multi-level Used actively Giving meaning to reality Real v. Ideal In nearly every cultural there can and do exist two patterns of thought and behavior Ideal – prescribed manner of thinking and acting Real – actual pattern of behavior and thought Believe and understand ideals even if you can’t meet them. (beauty, masculinity) Language and culture are both, learned, multi-level, based on symbols, integrated and used actively. Coming of Age in Samoa
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Midterms 1 and 2 summary - Summary of Main Topics Cultural...

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