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Kimberly Rauch Anthropology 2 11/30/07 “Joe Leahy’s Neighbors” study guide Note the differences between Joe and others in terms of… Dress… Joe – more “business” button up shirt, shorts, nice shoes, watch Others – less formal, t-shirts, pants or shorts, no shoes, hats Speech… Joe – speech’s English as well Others – Ganiga language Residence… Joe – house with yard Others – shacks, small houses, straw houses, on their land, have small gardens Appearance… Joe – trimmed beard and hair Others – unshaven, hats
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Unformatted text preview: Is Joe a native? Is he an Australian (like his father)? Mother was a native and father was Australian. Why was labor for the Kilima plantation brought from elsewhere in NG? Brought from other parts and housed on plantation, Are the Ganiga fully & competitively integrated into the capitalist system? No, are somewhat because they work on a coffee plantation. What evidence exists that they are not?…that they are? Evidence of the Kilima coffee plantation says that they are integrated in the capitalist system....
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