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Rauch 1 Kimberly Rauch Philosophy 20A Dr. Mike Hannen 19 November 2007 Dilemma in Piety The argument by Socrates and Plato about the normative property of piety and its incompatibility with moral agency is extremely important to philosophical ideas as a whole. It asks the question of what piety is and how we know when something is pious. Socrates was famous for asking who, how, why. His questioning of thoughts lead others to think more in depth about the questions they are studying. So by using this idea of normative properties and moral agency, I will explore the consequences of the latter and the consequence for the theistic stand point of rightness by delving into the Euthyphro dilemma. Also I will be explaining the incompatibility of normative properties with moral agency. These theories are of significance because they help us to understand piety and rightness and how they come to be so. The normative properties incompatibility with moral agency, moral agencies consequences and consequences of rightness through the Euthyphro dilemma are something that shapes the ideas of Socrates and Plato. These consequences and incompatibilities help us gain the ability to understand the way piety and rightness work. The problem with normative properties begs the questions of why something is pious. It is important to understand that the ideas of Socrates and Plato questioned whether something was pious because God commands it or if God commands it because it is pious. Also, if it is the former then what property made it pious? These questions make one’s mind reel. How can one know the true reason for something being pious and how can one know why God commands it, if
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phil.paper2 - Rauch 1 Kimberly Rauch Philosophy 20A Dr....

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