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Philosophy 20A: First Paper Assignment Directions: Write on one of the following topics. There is no need to cite any sources other than the selections from the Presocratic philosophers. All citations must be from your textbook (Kolak and Thomson). The form of citation should be that used in lecture. The paper should be four to five pages in length (800 – 1250 words). Presuppose of the reader of your paper as little background information as is practical, i.e., write as if you were explaining the material to someone not familiar with it. For example, explain all philosophical terms that you use, and indicate specific arguments, where they are available. There is a historical and a critical side to each topic. Explain what the thinker or thinkers in question believed; and evaluate their theories as objective works of philosophical reasoning. The paper is due in lecture on Friday, October 26. The late penalty will be a third of a letter grade per day.
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