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Comm 1 Mullin 3/11/08 Mass Communication (contd) Media’s Influence on Society What kinds of effects do the media have? It depends… Mood of person, etc Major trends in Empirical Researcg Belief in all-powerful mass media (20’s to 40’s) Influenced by events going on such as WWI and war pamphlets and the rise of Hitler Belief in limited effects (40’s to present) People influence media not vice versa Belief in powerful (but more subtle) (60’s to present) Women’s movement, civil rights movement, Vietnam war Allowing for subtle, indirect effects All Powerful Media View Media act as “hypodermic needle” or “magic bullet” Effects are: Direct, immediate, uniform Now a long-gone viewpoint Limited Effects View Not everyone is affected, and not in the same way Audience is active: Selective exposure and attention Predispositions get activated Existing attitudes get reinforced Use media to serve needs (see “uses and grats” in text)
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Unformatted text preview: • Filter messages thru interpersonal relationships and opinion leaders Powerful but subtler Effect View • Focus shifts to media socialization Social learning of behaviors (and scripts) • Behavior learned by watching models (e.g. people on TV) • Imitate rewarded (or unpunished) behavior (e.g. violence) • Short term effects • Mediating factors that can increase or decrease the likelihood of imitation Cultivation of views about reality • Talking about TV • TV viewing is related to beliefs about the “real world” (including fear of violence) • Not clear evidence that TV causes this! Priming of thoughts or mental scripts • Media messages bring to mind thoughts/emotions that we then act upon (TV violence can prime anger) • Short-term effects Communication and Online Technology • Technological panic • People love and people hate...
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comm1.0311 - • Filter messages thru interpersonal...

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