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Philosophy 20A Hannen 10/29/07 Lecture 6 Meno – transitional dialogues In some respects it is platonic dialogues See Plato emerging as own philosopher – begins to leave behind historic side Socrates method is principally destructive Theory of knowledge, knowledge is recollection Socrates is characterized by the quest for definition, shows inadequacy of definition, doesn’t capture all of the definition or too much of the definition Dialogue begins with questioning something, ask for definition, in middle of dialogue seems as though nothing has been learned, at the middle of the Meno, Plato’s matured theory, metaphysical theory that can explain how we can have knowledge of what exists Transcendental – grasped only through intellect, things are unstable, etc Plato attempts to explain the epistemology Persist in ignorance, the negative method serves a cause of purpose, realization is the beginning of the quest for knowledge Socrates begins to justify the method The Apology – Socratic dialogue, the actual trial of Socrates Talks about a historical event, young Athenian that followed Socrates went to an oracle and asked if there was any man wiser then Socrates, however Socrates professes ignorance and doesn’t know how he could be the wisest man Nature of virtue, good life, value – major questions of Socrates
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phil.1029 - Philosophy 20A Hannen Lecture 6 Meno...

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