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anthro.letter - Dear Dr Bernard Schwetz It is considerably...

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Unformatted text preview: Dear Dr. Bernard Schwetz, It is considerably important to anthropological ethical standards to have anthropologists engaging in ethnographic fieldwork to follow the “Do No Harm” stipulation and to give benefits to those involved and those who have helped further their research. This would help improve the relations between anthropologists and third world countries and also provide credibility to their work. The America Anthropological Association set down the code of ethics and the code’s purpose was to provide the people being studied from possible complications in the study. The “Do No Harm” policy is one of the most important to the subjects being studied. This policy helps to keep the subjects from being placed in harm’s way or present the subjects with a situation that would harm them at all. It would be relevant to say that any anthropologist considering going into a country to do research should provide significant evidence of all the positive and negative benefits of the research being done and the...
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