black.studies.1009 - Mid Term Oct. 30 Quiz on 5 stair...

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Mid Term Oct. 30 Quiz on 5 stair steps, biblical figuration, African retention, new world invention, epistemology, Diasporic imagination I’ve got the light of freedom Violence in chapters Make a way out of no way, poisonous things like violence Response to violence that shrouded America Not a simple question of can you decide if having a gun produces less violence? o May produce more violence o Medgar Evers had gun in car and by bed – was shot King wanted people to see the one sided violence o White supremacists would throw bottles at 4 yr olds, etc Cooper born a slave, mother’s owner raped her mother, which is how she was born o Watched people march and get guns o Lincoln has no power over confederacy, only could say no slavery in a place where no one would fight him o Between 7 and 20, eye witness to emancipation, watched free public educations, first health clinics, etc o At 20 in 1877, removed federal troops from south, bullet destroys them o Period of KKK attacks, thousands of lynching o DuBois doesn’t quote Cooper in is writing, sexism, black men needed to claim “manhood” Lynching is a public spectacle in which we see that blacks don’t matter at all, mutilation, in front of town, almost always castrated and body parts gouged out and given around. Even took pictures to be made into postcards. Could happen to anyone, if someone didn’t like how you looked at someone else
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black.studies.1009 - Mid Term Oct. 30 Quiz on 5 stair...

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