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Final and Summaries - Final and Summaries Poor vs poor...

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Final and Summaries Poor vs. poor – racism still evident because of this, assimilation jews became white Capitalism Characteristics and causes – Responsible for emergence of novel classes capitalist – haves(employ labor class) and labor class, workers, etc - have-nots (work for money) Alienation from products – no commonality to goods, proletarianization Historically specific in social relations – understand it in order to understand the social relations, characteristics = historics, causes = social relations Commodity fetishism – knowing what one should have, social status mediated by material possessions, commodities as markers of social distinction Sources of it’s voracity – expansions proceeds in 2 levels, aggregate and individuals Aggregate – voracity of capital (find new place to invest), expanded into World System Individual – anxiety of freedom (uncertainty of achieved status), actualize own value of something valuable Why is racism still evident? Capitalism, how it started? Created novel class proletarianization – division of labor working class from means of production, own less and less, all goes to capitalist Impetus of expansion – Cyclical boom and bust – ups and downs of the economy, vary – different people are affected by it differently – Wolf, everyone isn’t integrated to the same degree Core v. periphery nations – core = dominant societies, periphery = everyone else See how well capitalist society recovers from these cycles, expansion, through expansion that is how capitalist recover from boom and bust, Great Depression Expansion – slavery, capitalism/colonialism = stays alive through expansion and colonialism Expansion colonialism World System – everyone sharing, all capitalist societies working together, there for each other Colonialism – is the political, social, economic and cultural domination of a territory and its people by a foreign power for an extended time. Underdevelopment of nations caused by this and the contemporary world system comes into play because colonized nations meet with other colonized nations and trade capital. Colonialism and capitalism are a source of virulence (extreme hatred) of racism in the US because they caused us to take blacks from Africa in order to produce more capital. The lower status we imposed upon them was a cause of their color, which brought about racism in the US as well as the terms black and white. Sex and temperament in three primitive societies Three distinct cultural groups in New Guinea w/ different gender ideals Cultural diversity in a small area Lived in same area, only different from group to group Arapesh – both men and women gentle, responsive and cooperative. No extreme difference between men and women.
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Mundugumor (now Biwat) - both men and women violent and aggressive, sought power and position in society. Tchambuli (now Chambri) – male and female temperaments distinct. Women =
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Final and Summaries - Final and Summaries Poor vs poor...

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