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Communications 1 Mullin 1/15/08 Research practicum – tentative list of studies for this quarter. 4 th floor Ellison Hall. Studying Communication as a Science Has different traditions, media, speech, social science Rely on scientific method and principles at UCSB Can be studied as art, humanities, etc At UCSB we seek understanding of generalized patterns of communication behavior Patterns on how to do something, make some predictable, factors that explain behavior What is related to what? Ex. Is…attitude related to behavior? What causes what? Ex. Does…eating whole grain cause a healthy heart? Some patterns we know for communication behavior Compared to many Middle Eastern cultures, Americans stand far apart when conversing. (culture is related to nonverbal distance) The more expertise a speaker has, the more likely the audience is to believe what is said. (expertise related to persuasion) Exposure to violence increases aggression among children. (TV violence causes aggression) The scientific method Empirical – hypothesis you can go out and test, something physical, educated observation, make careful observations/measurements of we want to observe. Quantifiably at UCSB– circle numbers, etc
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course COMM 1 taught by Professor Mullin during the Winter '07 term at UCSB.

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comm1.0115 - Communications 1 Mullin 1/15/08 Research...

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