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04/02/08 Baldwin Soc 152A Perineum Pelvic floor structures Vagina – collapsed when woman is standing. It opens up when sexually active. G-spot – stimulation causes excitement. On anterior wall of vagina. Some women ejaculate because g-spot is remnants of the prostate gland. Fluids are either both ejaculate fluid and urine or one or the other. Cervix – end of uterus, small hole in it so sperm can get into it, hole is size of pencil head. Uterus – normally at a right angle from vagina, right above the bladder but it can be in different positions from the vagina 3 walls of the uterus: Endometrium – lost during menstrual period, layer of nutrients that support egg when pertilized Myometrium – means muscle, largest layer of uterus, muscles that lie underneath perimetrium Perimetrium – its tough, prevents uterus from breaking PMS – decresase PMS via calcium and vitamin D (2 – 3 glasses of milk a day) Fallopian tubes and fimbriae – fimbriae are at end of fallopian tubes. Fallopian
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Unformatted text preview: tubes are about size of spaghetti, complicated, not attached to ovary • Cilia and wall contractions – cilia are inside the fallopian tube and they move in a waving motion and help move the egg along the fallopian tube. Wall contractions are a mechanism that helps to move the egg along the fallopian tube • 2 ovaries (with follicles inside) – eggs are produced, follicles are containers for eggs • Follicle ( as sac containing one egg) • Ova ( many eggs, ovum = 1 egg) – during ovulation the ovum comes out • Breast, nipples, areola – nipple becomes erect when female is sexual excited, breasts become larger when excited. Contents of breast is mostly fat tissue and includes mammary glands(milk ducts) Male Anatomy • Penis – all shapes are natural • Glans Penis – head of penis • Frenulum – sensitive part of penis, under the glans...
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