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Philosophy 20A Hannen 12/07/07 Study session – Wally Sewert – Tuesday 8p – 10p, Girvetz 2128 Josh May – Monday 6p – 8p, Phelps 3515 Bring a bluebook 2,3 out 5 questions, pick which ones to do The Metaphysics “There is a science which investigates being as being and the attributes which belong to this in virtue of its own nature.” – Aristotle (328) More of an account of the nature of substance It doesn’t clarify, muddy’s the waters Emphasis on secondary substances – most truly real A collection of manuscripts that was brought together by students of Aristotle and librarians at the Library of Alexander To make a ‘this’ out of the general substratum. I mean that to make the bronze round is not to make the round or the sphere, but something else, i.e. to produce this form into something else.” – Aristotle (338) Something that has a form in the literal sense, a shape or form, what does it mean for it to become that form The form doesn’t exist and the matter in some sense exists, it’s the form that gets imposed on the matter The person that makes it wants a bronze sphere Actual cause, person who imposed that shape on the matter for that purpose The bronze has to exist the form in some sense does not exist until the bronze sphere comes into being “if we make the form, we must make it out of something else…Out of this, which is bronze, we make this other, which is a sphere. If, then, we make the sphere itself, clearly we must make it in the same way , and the processes of making will regress to infinity. Obviously then the form also, or whatever we ought to call the shape of the sensible thing, is not produced, nor does production relate to it. – i.e. the essence is not produced.” – Aristotle (338)
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phil.1207 - Philosophy 20A Hannen Study session Wally...

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