french.0407 - French 50CX 04/07/08 Novel opens with...

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French 50CX 04/07/08 Novel opens with epiphany Werther going away to nature Rediscovery of nature as benign and benevolent force Oneness with being and with universe at large Longing for moving back into Eden, innocence, psychological infancy, blissful inclusion of the world When he is in that stage and his powers of representation fade Metaphysical drama that undermines physical love for Lotte Included, protected cared for Represent connect with being is to stand back from it (artist must stand back, represent how you connect with world, how they see the world, detached from being or nature) Art involves adult steps, growing up Will not express, will not step back from nature and represent it to himself, choose death over life Casting aside being adult, being self conscious being Son, friend, lover of nature (126) Isn’t lover of nature, because it entails growing up, leaving childishness, acknowledging the independent existence of a thing outside yourself Will not acknowledge that but cannot be a lover of nature but can be son Love requires metaphysical adulthood Retreat into state of ecstasy P 31 – a world of my own making, a world that does not acknowledge the painfulness, a smile of the idiot, happy because he is unaware (infant) P 31 - Gladly confess that they are the happiest that who like children live in the moment
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french.0407 - French 50CX 04/07/08 Novel opens with...

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