phil.1203 - essence • “every substance seems to signify...

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Philosophy 20A Hannen 12/3/07 Aristotle – categories “Of things there are…” Conversational approach to inquiry Back and forth, too wide, to narrow, etc Empirical observations Inventor of aesthetics Metaphysical thesis What there are, are substances Modes of being: 1. substance 2. quantity 3. quality 4. relations 5. where 6. when 7. positions 8. having 9. doing 10. being affected by Physical configuration, having a property, doing something Some things are: Predicated of a subject but no in any subject: e.g. John is a man. In a subject, but not predicated of any subject: e.g. John knows how to play the piano. Both predicated of a subject and in a subject: e.g. i) knowledge of Greek is knowledge. Ii) John has knowledge of Mississippi. Neither predicated of, nor in, a subject: e.g. John – (substances) Ousia – substance That in which all attributes are present e.g. trees, bodies The nature of a thing, e.g. the arrangement of the parts of a house is its ousia;
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Unformatted text preview: essence • “every substance seems to signify • Primary substance: any ‘this’; a particular; an individual; that which is neither said of a subject nor in a subject • Secondary substances: species and genera • “Qualities cannot exist separately “since all of them are said of substances as teir subjects.” – Aristotle (301) • E.g. a red wagon; a musical man • Forms only exist in matter • Form is essential to substance • Parmenides v. Aristotle • What-is. .is one.” _ Parmenides • “In what sense are all things one? For ‘being’ has many senses.” – Aristotle • Zeno v. Aristotle • “If several things exist, the things that exist are are infinte. For there are always others between the things that exist.” – Zeno • “ The infinite exists in quantity. But a substance, or a quality, or an affections cannot be infinite.” _ Aristotle...
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phil.1203 - essence • “every substance seems to signify...

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