comm1.0205 - Comm 1 Mullin Interpersonal...

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Unformatted text preview: Comm 1 Mullin 2/5/08 Interpersonal Communication (contd.) Relational Development Relational Stages • Knapp’s Staircase Model • Difference in communication at each stage • Stages of coming together – can apply to friendship or romantic relationship, vary but can be applied o Initiating and experimenting – initial display of self, small talk, audition, testing o Intensifying – increase in self disclosure, nicknames, “we” pronouns, personal idioms(tied to you), verbal shortcuts o Integrating – unique separate, “together,” all of the intensifying parts as well as, cultivate opinions as a couple, others treat you as a couple, romance starts to happen more here, common property o Bonding – public ritual, formal binding, social and institutional support • Stages of coming apart o Differentiating – emphasize differences between the two people, talking about differences, more “me/you” then “we,” disagreements o Circumscribing – less info exchange, topics controlled, superficial...
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  • Winter '07
  • Mullin
  • Interpersonal relationship, Development Relational Stages, tensions Interpersonal Conflict, incompatible Conflict Styles, Relational Dialectics Perspective

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comm1.0205 - Comm 1 Mullin Interpersonal...

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