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Black Studies 1 Lipsitz 11/06/07 Ramsey – studies how children learn things, interested in epistemology Student asked how to make works, put letters together to make a word However, there is a structure, how to put it together, vowels, consonants, etc. Things we have been studying get put together in a way to understand, ask questions, etc. Moment of unity, biblical figuration (Malcolm X), communication with ancestors, making a way out of no way No way to make statement but dance, graffiti, mastery of great beats by spinning them a different way, line electrical cords out to streets to steal power How one form replaces another Studied I’ve got the light of freedom – 40’s 50’s 60’s met in places that were humiliated, that they made honorable, Broke but never broken, way of knowing, able to communicate with ancestors, way to show people their skill in a society where they didn’t have knowledge, etc Abolition of democracy 1863 on, people who aren’t allowed to read write practice religion Politics to make a break by freeing them and a break to change the country in which they are free Mobilize politically, talk to one another, develop 14 th amendment and 15 th amendment joined alliances with poor whites, produced first real democracy the world has ever known, people of all races could vote, could participate in government (only lasted 12 to 14 years) Isn’t just paranoia, someone below you that you could never go below
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