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Black Studies 1 Lipsitz 12/06/07 Midnight hour, expressing honor and respect and blessings and praise to our ancestors of different races No people on earth that doesn’t have tradition of social justice What unites black people is not accident of shared blood lines but rather tragedy of blood shed No only blacks, shared widely, solution can’t come from black people alone Particular understand of what brings them together and tears them apart Most important thing is not what has been done to them or what they have done, is what black people have come to know and understand because of the path they have walked Crossroads and five stair steps Search for a break Make a way out of no way Do work in the world that makes a difference – ashe Not path you take but rather path you make Every year on last Sunday in May, would walk 34 blocks to MI river and would have baptism ceremonies, sang song called may the work I have done speak for me. Janitors, maids, bus boys, first names in script on uniforms Sang May the work I’ve done speak for me No matter how low paying or un-prestigious, they felt they had work to do in the world and song was a reminder of work that they needed to do Someone always watching Harbored evil and malicious intentions, but also people by side, co-worker, mother, cousin, etc
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course BL ST 1 taught by Professor Lipsitz during the Fall '07 term at UCSB.

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