soc.0404 - Soc 152A Baldwin Male Anatomy Carvernous bodys...

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Unformatted text preview: Soc 152A Baldwin 04/04/08 Male Anatomy Carvernous bodys fill with blood during erection Spongy body urethra runs through it Urethra urine and ejaculate comes through urethra Crura and root finger like structures that reach up to the pubic bone, root is next to spongy body Foreskin cut off during circumcision, different lengths are natural, more likely to have erectile dysfunction later in life if have foreskin Smegma little bit of secretion that comes from the glands that surround the corona, cheesy like substance Muscles affecting penis pelvic floor muscles, pubic optituse muscle, gain better control of ejaculation. PC muscle Scrotum sac that contains testicles Testes or testicles (2 of them) sperm production and testosterone production takes place in testes. Seminferous tubules packed together, dense, sperm production occurs in these, move somewhere else to mature Sperm (hundreds of millions per day) Interstitial cells (Leydig's cells) Epididymis long tubule where sperm stay Vas deferens one on each testicle, Ejaculatory ducts (2 of them) inside prostate gland Seminal vesicles (2 of them) 70% content of sperm, has chemical that helps active sperm tail Prostrate gland size of walnut, Cowper's glands (2 of them) the functions that neutralize the acid in urine in the urethra before ejaculation, pre-cum Semen ( = total ejaculation or cum) total of all things that come out turning ejaculationg Breast, nipples, areola Clas 4/7 5pm 4/8 2pm 4/9 12pm 4/9 5pm 4/10 1pm 4/10 4pm Physiology of the sexual response ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course SOC 152A taught by Professor Baldwin during the Spring '08 term at UCSB.

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soc.0404 - Soc 152A Baldwin Male Anatomy Carvernous bodys...

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