french.0402 - 04/02/08 French 50CX Modern age was...

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04/02/08 French 50CX Modern age was hospitable to the cultural, idea or practice of love The decline of communal ties in modern life Rise of individualism as central part of culture Love is a value, encouraged, cultivate or can be wiped aside Values are historical, change throughout time Some cultures or ages put value on self sacrifice and others on self gain Personal creation, emancipation from authority Because of these features, that came about in late 18 th century, does not set right scene for love to flourish Opposite of love is indifference, blindness, selfishness Modern political thought – how we organize human coexistence Two pillars of modern political thought – freedom and equality Freedom – each person is born free, entitled to right of being one’s own person Equality – not defined by community but by your own view of yourself, not born either kings, or dukes, or peasants, not born with a duty or destiny that is slapped upon us at birth, not pre-established destiny assigned to you All humans are similarly endowed Maintain our independence, mutually independent of each other Choose to break out if we want to Legal binding, can be broken, can choose to opt out of it Freedom convinces us of who we are Equality maintains our anonymity Maintain individual that is abstract
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french.0402 - 04/02/08 French 50CX Modern age was...

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