anthro2.1105 - Anthropology 2 Hines 11/05/07 Recap lecture...

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Anthropology 2 Hines 11/05/07 Recap lecture 12: interpretivism applied Brings to imaginative realization a dimension of our experience normally well- obscured from view NFL as an American social text and evokes claim by Geertz that idea that (above) Sports as a ritual: routinized and discrete o Gender, race, sexual-orientation ideals made manifest o Not just at game Social texts an enculturation tools Not just in youth! One way we get “the script” Grammar v. practice of human cultural existence Foley o Transgression: ironically enhance individual images o To know how and when: demonstrates cultural knowledge of group o E.g. Test!!!!!!!! Powder-puff – fascinating ritual that accompanies football, seen as a ritual inversion, men into women, women into men, rather than challenging that, it actually reinforces them, the transgression of them is only in a certain time and place. License to transcend boundaries, only in specific time, place and script Good ol’ boys and people in training – transgression reinforces dominate ideals, in training for season, alternate ideals that calls them to do other things (drinking, etc) violates ideals of being in training. Most of us exist in society where there are alternate ideals, Mead women’s ideals diff. then Americans. Gives position in society, successful in being rowdy and in training, when done right, then they prove to themselves and community that they are doing things right. Reinforces norms of social group, come out being revered as good young men
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anthro2.1105 - Anthropology 2 Hines 11/05/07 Recap lecture...

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