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Black Studies 1 Lipsitz 11/20/07 Reading – LOF, start reading SOS Morrison Apply two strategies – context of things studied in course, analyze, work of fiction, truth with made up things, tell story that will demonstrate what is at stake, 1977 about what was happening with 5 stair steps. Crossroads, social death, drum major instinct, read between the lines, take notes and when come to social death, crossroads, 5 stair steps, social death, final = SOS how it deals with core concepts of course. Conditions and how they affect people Sets up project – see what happens with epistemology of crossroads in period from 60’s to present, LOF understand what task is. Discussion of Child Development group of MI, after school program and head start program for children, started in grass roots, rights. Participatory democracy (CDG of MI) 1964 CR Act 1965 VR Act Program was taken over by people who never supported it in the first place, handed over to plantation Hired own people Can’t beat you they join you and once joined go in the direction they want Use CDG to create jobs for friends, family, etc Civil rights act, public accommodation section, cant refuse service because of race Cant turn someone away but it is done anyways Cant implement the law even though it is the law White delegates elected in all white election, open election – no blacks seated, offer two token seats to Black males Whites wont give up power to Blacks What does victory mean? – approach without cynicism Examples of blacks who didn’t get involved and some whites who did, etc Weren’t many whites involved, if they were they became pariahs in community
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