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Black Studies 1 Lipsitz 11/13/07 1964 civil rights act and the voting rights act, what did or did not happen How gender goes with this hand in hand Mobilized and organized by women Sonny Patterson – on MPR – HSSB 6020, 7:30 pm Informal discussion Wednesday 3:30 in multicultural center theatre, Round table discussion Fit in with topics Surprise quiz coming, Thursday question about role of family in CR movement Payne- McGhee, Greene and Johnson families Ch. 7 Intersection of gender and race Glass, Anna Julia Cooper, courting communities, women have unique perspective on power Black and female, can’t hope for it through end of racism or sexism Can’t make succession that putting people in high places will do something for all others Have to change something Change, not modest incremental change Double oppression of black and women Assaults on them physically and emotionally Assaults made something great out of them, right wrongs Prominence of women in movement They were under estimated, weren’t taken seriously, didn’t fear these women This let them have freedom to operate Laura McGhee- took gun from sheriff, etc didn’t want to prosecute because didn’t want to admit he got beat up by a woman
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Spaces created by black women, free spaces, beauty parlors, looks matter, get hair done, black women could talk to each other with no people around, beautician didn’t work for whites, important site for political talk, dominate society have that we want, don’t want, what do we want to keep Women preached in church – generations have come to the floor regardless of sexism Women singled out by god for something special Women to make calls, do work of church and women looked on church as theirs Preacher would get up and preach something from the bible, Hamer would question the preacher, preachers figures were not involved in movement Weren’t included in, men took places People trusted women, less likely to take advantage of it, to use it for own personal gain Advantages came from sexism, underestimation of women, belief that women were
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