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Unformatted text preview: Black Studies Lipsitz 11/01/07 Rap Music About blues, break, todays lecture and Tuesdays lecture (Election Day) The Blue and the Break 1. survival, subsistence, resistance and affirmation goes beyond music, important practice, not only as genre of music but as a stand in for all expressive culture, yard show all a way of self expression and collective expression, use material things as a way to change the world 2. alternative academies a. repositories of collective memory b. sites of moral instruction c. ways of calling communities into being through performance d. a home from which you cannot be evicted, that you can carry with you The Break 1. Ralph Ellison in Invisible Man 2. the best part of a great record 3. A time for improvisation, demonstration, articulation Emergence of Hip Hop 1. Crossroads of Lack and Desire Identification of sacred sites 2. throw out a style that announces your presence, shows your skills, finds value in the hidden and the quotidian 3. Flow, layering and rupture a. sampling and djing how sounds fit together b. Graffiti lines flow, art accumulates, interrupts c. Break Dancing and the Break beat Hip Hop and Time, Place and Identity 1. We know what time it is 2. honoring despised spaces 3. Queen Latifah Crossroads is a way of knowing Putting in their 2 cents Limited song form, community based folk art See how blues has connections to hip hop Purpose of art making is seeing significant communications John Lee Hooker stopped in Memphis, St. Louis Detriot Paradise Valley sang a song about determination Boom boom Takes low end frequencies, a growl to it, works through it in a way that it gets you into a mood, certain words, music and body movements Sounds like music stolen from Africa come back to greet us...
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