anthro1012 - Anthropology 2 Hines Unilinear cultural...

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Anthropology 2 Hines 10/12/2007 Unilinear cultural evolution – proposed cultural groups moved through stages of development Single human culture of which human groups have different qualities Arm-chair anthros. = Tylor and Morgan Franz Boas = historical particularism 1 st niden definition of culture Each culture unique way of life Result of particular history of innovations and borrowings from other cultures NOT about discovering laws of evolutionary process Culture is shared by individuals Interpretive anthropology Focuses on observable behavior Ethnographic fieldwork = Boas Observation of people Participant observation = Malinowski Early 20’s and lives amongst people for long periods of time Ethnographer – cultural anthro. Who performs fieldwork and records his work in an… Ethnography – written account of an anthros. Fieldwork experience and results of his research Behavior becomes a symbol, knowing what it is like in the field Fieldwork Ethnos – people Graph – to write o To write or tell about people o Ethnography – both process and product 1. concept of culture/cultural patterns a. learned Patterned learned behavior Subject of cultural anthro.
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anthro1012 - Anthropology 2 Hines Unilinear cultural...

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