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Civil War In Irene Hunt's Across Five Aprils The Civil War is seen as disastrous, upsetting, and a new start for America. In Across Five Aprils, written by Irene Hunt, she shows all of those feelings. The Civil War was a hard time for many families. Their son’s are going to war, they still have to work, and they need someone to protect the family. You worry for your safety, and your children’s. It’s just what you do. Many people think of war as disastrous. Towns ruined, families run out of their houses, and death. Hunt applied letters from soldiers that are families and friends of the
Creighton’s to show the hard times of the war. In one of Tom’s letters to the family he writes, “We was feelin set-up about Fort Henry and when some of the boys got tard of carryin hevey blanket rolls they jest up and throwed em away--some of the boys that was sick or bad hurt they froze to deth in the snow,” (Hunt, 51). More and more letters came from the boys talking about bad things they had done, and bad situations they were thrown into. The Civil War was disastrous
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