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Business Processes, Information Systems and Controls Accounting 300 School of Accountancy DePaul University Spring Quarter, 2008 11:50 AM-1:20 PM/TTH Professor: Dr. Sandra Shelton Office: 6021 DePaul Center Office Hours: 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. TTH or by appointment Phone: (312) 362-8098, Fax (312) 362-6208 Email: Required Texts: Accounting Information Systems, Romney and Steinbart, Tenth Edition, Prentice Hall. Web site: Contemporary Auditing, Issues and Cases (6 th Edition), Knapp, Thomson/Southwestern Systems Understanding Aid , Arens and Ward, Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc. Course Description: This course provides an understanding of the major business processes and how those processes are supported by information systems and controls, including controls applicable to computerized systems. Emphasis is placed on the study and assessment of existing processes, systems and controls. Prerequisite: Accounting 102. Course Objectives: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: Describe, identify, understand and analyze the major business processes of organizations. Identify the business and internal control risks of organizations and processes. Analyze and document both manual and electronic transactions processing and support systems. Describe and identify internal controls available to manage and mitigate business and controls risks in both manual and electronic systems. Describe and understand the nature of various types of internal and external assurance services that may be provided by accountants. 1
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Your success in this course requires your careful attention to and use of the course outline and assignment sheet that accompanies this syllabus. The assigned chapters and readings must be read in advance of class. In class, we will be covering the principal points from your readings and clarifying questions that may have arisen in them. The questions at the end of each chapter of your text provide a review of the important content of the chapter. It is suggested that you develop answers to these questions as you review the content of
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BusinessProcessspr2008 - Business Processes, Information...

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