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MIS 340 Arakawa Midterm Study Guide General Information The exam is worth 25 percent of your final grade 50 Multiple Choice Questions Choose the best answer All material in text and/or covered in class is testable Bring a #2 pencil Please transfer answers carefully, only your scantrons will be graded Chapter Breakdown Approximate Weighting Chapter 1: The Information Age in Which you Live: Changing the Face of Business 15-20% Module A: Computer Hardware and Software (Use powerpoint do not study book for this section “xlm A.ppt”) 15-20% Chapter 2: Major Business Initiatives: Gaining Competitive Advantage with IT 5-10% Chapter 3: Databases and Data Warehouses: Building Business Intelligence 20-25% Module C: Do not Study Book (This file is named database.ppt) 10-15% Chapter 4: Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence: Brainpower for Your Business 15-20% Sample questions: S1. Which of the following business rules are represented in the E-R diagram above (answer B) A. A student can be assigned to more than one dormitory B. A student does not have to be assigned to a dormitory C. A dormitory can have only one student assigned to it
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Mid_Review_win08_DRAFT - MIS 340 Arakawa Midterm Study...

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