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February 20, 2008 Dear Professor Browning: This essay is about dissociative identity disorder, which is a psychological disorder that is present in today’s pop culture. I have thoroughly examined the film Fight Club , directed by David Fincher and have analyzed his use of dissociative identity disorder as a pop culture item. This portfolio includes my full analysis of the film along with pieces of work that I did in order to further my understanding of the film and dissociative identity disorder itself. The portfolio includes two drafts of my paper that I took the time to edit and revise. It also includes my final draft of the essay. It also contains Metacognitive reflections, which were done after my revision process. These are about what I did to better my paper and what I needed to do after the revisions. There are research notes and a note taking grid that I used my analysis of Fight Club . Before I had started my essay I took the liberty of filling in the Toulmin Grid, so that my thoughts would be more collected and my ideas
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