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January 30, 2008 Dear Professor Browning: This essay is about Malcolm Gladwell and the reasons why his book, Blink , is a national best seller. The entire portfolio contains items of relevance to Gladwell’s book. The portfolio includes a final draft, metacognitive reflections of my revision process, my actual revised drafts and my peer response sheets. Immediately following those items there are all of the free writes that were done in and out of class and the Toulmin grid. I also included a writing exercise done in class in which we wrote our thesis and had two other people read and critique it, I felt as though that was an important part of my writing process because the questions I had got answered and the work I had done was critiqued so that I knew how to improve on my writing. Not a piece of the work I did for this essay is missing from the portfolio. Collectively I feel as though all of the work I put into this essay paid off. All of the free writes and exercises done in class helped me to better understand the reading and what
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