psy.0115 - Psych 1 Fridlund 1/15/08 Neuroscience Part II...

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Psych 1 Fridlund 1/15/08 Neuroscience Part II Twins – 4 th or 5 th month post conception – females do everything before males do, talking, walking, masturbation Cerebellum most developed of all our parts, two sections: inner cerebellum which connects to inner ear system and also connects to your eyes. Outer cerebellum or neo cerebellum is part of our motor system makes movements for us, takes over when we do a movement we practiced a lot. If inner cerebellum is disordered (alcohol) lose ability to stand erectly against force of gravity Outer cerebellum, example piano player, note by note by note, it takes over and does it for you, unconsciously, automatic Midbrain Reticular formation – general arousal(barely conscious paranoia), sleep/wake cycles and pain perception Arousal gets switched on and off by sleep Oscillators that turn down arousal level which moves into sleep and turns up to awaken Pain perception – pain in one spot, make pain in another to make the other pain stop, running is high impact reticular formation is gaiting out pain we would feel. Can’t tickle ourselves, we know we are and we gait it out Superior colliculi – visual targeting – saccades are kinds of eye movements that the superior makes, they are jerky eye movements, two basic movements smooth and jerky Jerks are for targeting, smooth is for following Inferior colliculi – auditory targeting – turn heads towards the sound and locate it Colliculi are four pods, top 2 superior, bottom two are inferior Left are responsible for right side of body and vice versa Forebrain Basal forebrain (hypothalamus and thalamus) Hypothalamus: control of
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psy.0115 - Psych 1 Fridlund 1/15/08 Neuroscience Part II...

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