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Free write – 2/25/08 Kimberly Rauch From these profiles I noticed that the nature of profiles is to tell a story about a certain person. There is always an underlying theme in the profiles. Each of the profiles was descriptive in their story telling and drew the reader in by engaging them in the story. I found that the stories that were the best talked as if they were the narrator and didn’t include themselves in the story. I felt as though the more effective writing techniques were descriptive and used direct quotes from the person the profile was about. It almost gave them a body, I felt as though I was getting to know the person through someone else’s eyes. This writing is extremely different from our previous papers because it isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: as structured. I feel as though this is more of a story that we are telling to Professor Browning. I feel that this may be an easier assignment for me because I am not hindered by rules and guidelines. I get to tell a story about a professor and their life. What drew me in to these profiles was the descriptiveness and the way they portrayed the person as unique. I lost interest when it got too wordy and seemed to go on too long on one subject. I want to use the descriptive technique and write it from a narrator’s point of view. I also would like to try and use direct quotes, so that the paper is more personal. I am only wondering how I am going to start this endeavor....
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