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freewrite2.paper1 - is about learning about the mind...

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Free writing – 1/20/08 Kimberly Rauch Prompt #2 – You have read some of the scientific research that supports Gladwell’s claims. Is Blink just pop psychology or real psychology simply written for the lay audience? The way Malcolm Gladwell presents the scientific studies in his book, Blink, gives us the idea that it is a book about psychological studies. However, I feel as though this book is a pseudo-psychology book filled with real psychology studies. This may seem odd at first, however the way he writes and the way he portrays the study leaves one to think that it is real psychology skewed slightly towards one idea. The way he presents the scientific studies is a way in which everyone can understand, his book is based loosely on real psychology. Gladwell wants his book to sell, to make a difference, it is for an audience. Psychology isn’t about pleasing people it
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Unformatted text preview: is about learning about the mind. Gladwell uses the experiments to guide us to one idea, there are no contradictions and no problems that he brings to light. When reading the actual experiment it tells us of possible problems and differences between subjects, etc. In no way are real life experiments perfect, however Gladwell seems to give them an impossible perfection. He is using real psychology to make pseudo or pop psychology. Gladwell sells his book because he knows how to use the research and experiments available and guide the reader to a certain assumption. Gladwell gives just enough information for the reader to believe him and not enough for the reader to question his ideas of snap judgments and thin-slicing....
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