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Paper Assignment # 2 – Winter 2008 Purpose To demonstrate and apply your knowledge of course concepts by analyzing the effectiveness of a television advertisement; also to demonstrate the ability to locate and effectively use empirical research findings to support your arguments. Assignment Your TA will provide you with two TV advertisements to view. You will choose ONE of these two ads to analyze for your paper. You must attend your discussion section, where your TA will inform you of which two TV ads you may choose from for your paper and how/where to view them. Your goal is to make compelling arguments about the potential effectiveness of the ad for the particular target audience, given the persuasion tactics that are used in the ad. You’ll of course need to identify who you think is the target audience and why. In your discussion and analysis, include the following: 1) Identify and analyze THREE important features of the ad that you think would help determine whether or not the ad is effective for the particular target audience. All three features must be concepts discussed in lecture or the textbook. The persuasion-related features, such as source characteristics (e.g., credibility, similarity) or message characteristics (e.g., fear appeal, use of a particular kind of evidence) will probably work best. However, you may also choose features that come from other course topics, such as perception (e.g., attention-getting features like salience; factors that influence
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