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Advertising 1 The Use of Humor and Celebrities in Advertising: Analyzing the Diet Pepsi Max Ad Humors prevalence in almost all of today’s advertisements is a large factor for audience members. Companies use humor in their ads due to the fact that it draws in the consumer and helps them to remember the ad. The advertisement that I will be analyzing is the Diet Pepsi Max ad called “What is love?” In which they show average people nodding off to sleep to the beat of the song by Haddaway called “What Is Love?” They continue panning from one scene of average people to the next and mix celebrities into the scenes. Finally, they all get their hands on Diet Pepsi Max, an energy soda, and all of a sudden they nod their heads to the beat. This ad develops into a spin off from the Saturday Night Live skit “A Night at the Roxbury” when Chris Kattan makes a cameo appearance at the end. The following will explore the efficiency of this ad through humor and use of celebrities. To get a better idea of the demographics and psychographics that this advertisement is aiming at we must understand who they are targeting by figuring out where the humor in the ad comes from. The skit on Saturday Night Live featuring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan aired in 1997. The audience that SNL is aimed at ranges in ages of about 18 to 30 years of age. After this skit, there was a spin off of that came out as the movie “A Night at the Roxbury” in 1998. Since the demographics for the skit was 18 to 30 the movies demographics would be around 18 to 30. Some ten years later, an advertisement featuring this movie and skit would have demographics that would be about late 20’s to early 50’s. As for the psychographics or the type of people this advertisement is aimed at, is the average person. It has many different people included in
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Advertising 2 the ad which include a sports announcer, office workers, celebrities, etc. This advertisement is trying to reach out to all types of people in their demographic in order to sell more of their product. Selling their product is important and they do this not only through aiming at a certain group but through other factors as well. One of which is the positive emotional appeal present in the ad. According to Professor Mullin (2008) positive emotional appeals are vivid messages designed to arouse good feelings (February 26). This advertisement uses the positive emotional appeal of humor. By using images that create good memories and make us laugh it helps consumers to better recall the ad and makes them more likely to purchase the product. For those of us who have seen the SNL skit or
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paper2.maintext - Advertising The Use of Humor and...

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